IP trading's key role in upgrading SMEs

HKTDC's deputy executive director Raymond Yip said many Hong Kong people and even enterprises believe that IP trading is dissociated from their lives and they don't see how they could benefit from Hong Kong's position as an IP trading hub.

But, the fact is IP trading is closely related to local SMEs, especially those which are upgrading themselves from being an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) factory, Yip told China Daily.

"Like many electronic products manufacturers or exporters, they are using IP on a daily basis - from the techniques they are using to product designing," Yip explained.

He said as many OEM factories are planning to upgrade themselves by bringing in new technologies or acquiring other brands to produce more value-added products, IP trading plays a key role in the process.


Besides intermediaries and local professionals like lawyers and accountants who can benefit from IP trading, manufacturers, exporters, fashion designers, software developers, movie makers and IP owners themselves are also reaping the fruits from Hong Kong being an IP trading hub.

"I've noticed that a growing number of small business owners have been showing up at our IP forums recently because they want to know more about IP trading and how IP can help them improve their businesses," Yip said.

He pointed out that Hong Kong has its unique advantages as Asia's IP hub due to its close links with the mainland.

The mainland is the world's number one IP user because of the huge popularity of IP. Currently, the mainland's movie market is the second largest in the world after the US. The mainland is also an important IP owner as, in terms of the number of patent applications, the mainland market is second to none globally, said Yip.
(Source: China Daily)