Patent Release on Apr.1

1. Weekly Overview of Chinese Patent Application Publishment and Announcement and Granted Inventions:
  According to Chinese patent issued on Apr.1, 2015, a total of 43165patents are made public on that day, including 16342 published inventions, 12776 utility models, 6815 designs, and 7232 granted inventions.

2. Weekly IPC Analysis of Chinese Granted Inventions:
  According to the IPC analysis of granted inventions, from the largest amount of granted inventions to the smallest amount were: H04L(286); G06F(250); H01L(231); H04W(221); A61K(205); G01N(181); A61B(125); C07D(110); C07C(105); H04N(96)。

3. Weekly Distribution of Grants for Inventions Received from Home and Abroad:
  According to the data issued this week, the amount of granted inventions received from domestic is 4325, accounting for 59.80%; and the amount of granted inventions received from abroad is 2907, accounting for 40.20%. The largest amount from abroad are still the Japan and United States, which is 1221 and 679 respectively, and the third to the sixth largest is Germany(298), South Korea(166), France(93) and Netherlands(78)。

4. Weekly Top 10 Patent Agencies in China:
  About 6557 of 7232 granted inventions are submitted through patent agencies this week. The total amount of granted inventions submitted by the top 10 agencies is 2311, accounting for 25% of that by all the agencies.
     (Source: CNIPR)